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Facilitated by Cambridge Eye Trust

Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium Programme 2017

Topic: "Go with the flow" rheology, fluid flow and the eye
Chair: Prof Einar Stefánsson & (Iceland)
Academic Organiser: Martin Snead (UK)
6 - 8 September 2017

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Thursday 7th September

What is rheology?
The virtual human: patient specific models of vasculature
Microfluidic flow in vasculature and capillaries


Functional anatomy of the human choroidal vasculature
A comparative approach to chorioretinal blood flow in animals
Re-orchestration of blood flow by micro-circulations


Anterior segment ischaemia: aetiology assessment and management
Limitation and indications for OCT angiography
Retinal vascular occlusive disease: measuring severity by retinal oximetry


Rheology in migraine and PFO: investigation and interventional options
Carotico-cavernous fistula: current concepts in aetiology, investigation and management

Friday 8th September

Rheology of the tear film
Assessment and management of tear film deficiency
Optimising rheology of tear replacement using naturally occurring canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca


Function and fluid transfer across the trabecular meshwork
Control and optimisation of fluid flow in drainage tubes
Hypotony - deranged outflow rheology and its surgical management


Rheology of the vitreous: viscosity and function
Bernoulli and plombage - how does non-drainage surgery reattach the retina?
Restoring fluid flow dynamics in exudative detachment


Fluidics and rheology in phaco surgery: what matters and what's the hype?
Liquid mechanics for accommodating IOLs: current and future prospects

Wednesday 6th September

Wine Reception: 19:00

Speaker Dinner: 19:45